How Do I Get A Home Photo-Ready?

Here’s a Checklist!


Here are some helpful tips on preparing your home before your Visual Media photographer arrives.

For a complete list of tips and tricks to produce the best results, download the PDF below.


• Make sure all light fixtures work properly

• Turn off ceiling fans

• Open all window blinds/curtains

• Wipe down countertops and clean or vacuum floors

• Remove small floor rugs to showcase flooring (i.e. kitchen, bathroom)

• Put away personal affects you do not wish to appear in published images (i.e.: children’s names in bedrooms, family photos, confidential information and religious/political items)

• Limit holiday/seasonal decorations as they can date the photos

• Remove all pet items (i.e.: toys, bowls, beds, scratching posts and litter boxes)

• If possible, kennel pets

Download the PDF File below to continue reading